Bob Deane Pottery

Bob Dean Mugs and bowls 2014Bob Deane’s handmade pottery ranges from dynamic functional work: plates, bowls, mugs and vases, to unique organic sculptures. His color palette ranges from earth tones to vibrant blues and purples. Some of his work also has a unique twist…

You’ve Heard of Farm to Table…How About Creek to Table?

Based in Media PA, much of Bob Deane’s clay work has a unique twist on the Bob Deane Pottery Creek Clay Bowl“farm to table” eat-local trend…much of his work is “creek to table” – made from clay dug out of local Pennsylvania or regional creek beds. With much of what our food comes in today…Styrofoam, cardboard, or served on commercial tableware…his hand crafted creek clay pots stand out.

As a kid he loved playing in the mud….and he still does, but with a purpose now. His creek clay pots begin with Bob digging the clay out of local creek beds, and after several steps, end with what you see here – handmade clay pieces with a rich dark tone and a deep local connection. Click here to learn more about Bob Deane’s Quest for Clay.

Functional Stoneware Pottery

Bob Deane’s pots are handmade in a range of glaze colors from warm earth-toned neutralBob Deane Pottery Pitcher Blue glaze tans, browns and cream to the opposite extremes of rich, vibrant purple, blue and the palest of greens. This range of color allows his ceramic work to fit into any home, decor or to be at home on any table. Bob Deane Pottery Squishy MugHis wheel thrown pottery, from his signature squishy handled mugs or taller cups, to his plates and bowls, are microwave and dishwasher safe. His work also includes very large bowls (some used as bird baths) and big textured or carved platters. With the range of his work, everyone can find something that appeals to them. Most of his work is made with local creek clay, although he sometimes uses porcelain. All are high-fired in a gas kiln, which produces a rich array of colors.

Unique, Organic Ceramic Sculpture

Bob Deane Sculpture 3aHis hand-carved sculptures have a more individual appeal for someone looking for that signature or accent piece. Ranging from table-top to 2-3 feet tall, each are one-of a kind. Their intricately carved surfaces make you think of shells, fossils, antlers or fantastic castles carved into cliffs. You’ll wonder at the hours of detailed carving. Most of his sculptures are glazed in a primarily soft, natural palette.

 Want to know more about Bob Deane’s Creek Clay Pottery?

Pumpkin sculpture vase - Bob DeaneIf you would like to know more about Bob, his work, and his thoughts on art, pottery and his quirky sense of humor, please check out his Bob’s Musings page. To read what others think of his work, click here to see his press page for articles in the news. Click here to got to Bob’s contact page.

Bob Deanes Creek Clay vase

“The challenge and success of creating a piece of ceramics is to make someone want to pick it up and use it. It is a confirmation of ergonomics, function, simplicity and beauty.” Robert Deane Bob Deane preparing to throw pottery