Clay Musing: The Duality of Clay

Clay can be:

  1. Functional or Non-functional.Pumpkin sculpture vase - Bob Deane
  2. Abstract or Representational.
  3. The forms can be geometric and architectural or soft and lifelike.
  4. Tiny and precious or large environmental.
  5. Construction can be done with soft clay or hard clay.
  6. Creative process can be positive or negative (add clay or remove clay).
  7. Lots of tools or just your hands.
  8. Two dimensional or three dimensional.
  9. Pure and perfect white or soft and subtle dark tones.
  10. Shine like a gem or muted earthy colors.
  11. There can be lots of science or NO science.
  12. Community centered or private.Bob Deane teaching ceramics glazing

Written in 2009 – shared here in Feb. 2014